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My name’s George Caro and here’s a little about myself…

I’ve studied photography and graphic design and I’ve had a hand at both. However, being extremely creative by nature, I chose to go with what I felt was the most artistically expressive medium for me, photography.

Following what I enjoyed most, I became a professional photographer. I began my photography journey 35 years ago with manually controlled 35mm film cameras and lighting. Things were very unforgiving back then, re-takes and photoshop didn’t exist, I had to get it right every time. 

As a professional photographer, I’m a master of light, composition and of the tools I use to create the images I envision. As professional photographer, I’m hired to create consistently great looking photographs in situations others would find difficult. The professional cameras, lenses and lighting I use are only a small part of the equation, it’s my experience, knowledge and creative skills are what really produce the great looking photos.

All photographers have a particular photography style. My particular photography style is modern, where poses are much more natural. This way, I capture more of the subjects real personality and natural emotion. 




▶︎ I, will personally photograph your wedding beginning to end.

I, will personally photograph your wedding beginning to end to produce the same quality photographs that attracted you in the first place. I’m not a big studio subcontracting photographers you have never met and pay more for. You will work with me directly, one on one.


▶︎ I’m fully insured with PPA for professional liability, property damage, injury and equipment loss. 

Almost all wedding ceremony and reception venues require outside vendors to be fully insured before setting step in their venues.


▶︎ I have a backup photographer on retainer incase something goes wrong.

With every event I’m hired to photograph, I retain a trusted backup photographer to cover me in the very unlikely event something should happen to me.


▶︎ I always bring an assistant to help with lighting, poses and props.

I always have at least one assistant with me at every event I photograph. My assistant will deal with all off camera lighting, posing and preparing what I’ll need for the next shot. My assistant helps me with the flow of things so that everything seem seamless.


▶︎ I’m not just a person who gets paid to snap photographs at a wedding.

I’m a professional photographer, a master of light, composition and the tools I use to create the images I envision.


▶︎ I do use the highest grade camera equipment available.

Not because it will produce better photographs but more so, for its reliability and ability to get the job done without compromise. A camera is merely one of my tools I use and is only a small part of the equation.


▶︎ I always bring redundant professional photography equipment with me just in case something fails.

I bring redundant, professional equipment to every event I photograph. Two is one and one is none should something fail. I’m always prepared for the unexpected.


▶︎ Producing consistently great photographs requires acquired knowledge, skills and experience.

I need to continuously gauge perspective intuitively, select a proper lens for the photo, instinctively calculate lighting, make the camera adjustments, compose the scene I’ve envisioned to then finally press the shutter release and produce a great looking photograph. All this in a split second.I’m looking forward to meeting with you to talk about your wedding ideas and plans.


▶︎ More often than not, there’s only one opportunity to get a shot, the fist time, the only time.

I’m prepared to get every shot, every time, without compromise. Allow me, a professional photographer to photograph all the special moments that will tell your special story at your wedding.


I’m greatly looking forward to meeting with you to talk about your wedding ideas and plans.